Reiki is helpful in most conditions including chronic ailments and is beneficial in relieving pain stress and anxiety.  Reiki speeds the healing process, relaxes you and balances your chakras and aura energy.


Reiki it totally positive and is useful for anyone including pets and it supports all forms of treatment both orthodox and complimentary.



Whether you chose a colour or tarot reading it will be insightful. 


During your colour reading I use colour cards and silks allowing me to connect with you and give you a personalised reading. 


With a tarot reading I use Celtic tarot cards to provide your reading.


Personal Readings

These are carried out on a one to one basis and are private and confidential. 


They appointments are either an hour long or half an hour long and can be at your home or mine.


Group/Party Readings

These are great fun for everyone. I can cater for up to 8 people , at any location or venue get in touch and I can come to you.

Please do have an open mind, spirits have free will just as much as we do and therefore you can't pick and choose who comes through. 


Phone/Skype Readings

Sometimes it’s hard to travel to events, group readings or for a private reading. A phone reading allows you to have the personal touch without having to worry about travelling.

Email Readings

An email reading allows you to receive a reading and read it in your own time.



I like to make my workshops fun and allow time for you to develop. There is always something to learn and in my experience, even I always learn so much from each class.


Check my events page for the next Workshop or Development group near you, and I look forward to seeing you!